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the Placid Lakes Home and Property Owners Association Inc. All persons who own property in Placid Lakes can become members in the Association. The Association membership elects a Board of Directors who meet monthly to conduct the affairs of the Association. There are four meetings each year for the general membership. Members of the Association may attend meetings and participate in all other activities. The community of Placid Lakes is located about four miles west of Lake Placid, Florida. The top photo is the east entry on Catfish Creek Road and below is a part of Placid Lakes park that borders Lake June.

Vision Statement

The Board of Directors vision for the property owners in Placid Lakes Subdivision is that individuals will respect the rights of every person to be secure and safe, and enjoy life to its fullest in the environment of Placid Lakes Subdivision.

Mission Statement

To bring together through the Placid Lakes Home and Property Owners Association, Inc. all property owners for the purpose of planning together for the social, economic and cultural betterment of people living in the Placid Lakes Subdivision.