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auto accessories with a purpose

Four Functions Of Police Lights

by Lucille Peters

The functions of light differ depending on who uses it. As for the police department, the use of light is standard. These lights are found in police cars, motorbikes, and flashlights. The color of police lights is generally blue, red, or white.

Police only turn on these lights for specific reasons. These lights are used as signals and to pass messages to civilian drivers. In this article, we will share some functions of the police lights.

Responding quickly to an incident

A police officer needs to get to an incident as quickly as possible. But in many cases, this may not be possible because of civilian traffic blocking the road due to a jam. In such a state, that is where a police light assists police officers in sending signals to the civilians so that other cars can move out of the way.

As a result, the police light will have played the role of helping an officer to respond quickly to the scene of the event.

Flag down other cars

Police officers are also involved in patrol activities. As part of their job, a police officer may be required to pull over a car for security purposes. Sometimes doing this may be difficult, and that's where a police light comes in. After identifying the targeted car, the police will turn on the lights and siren to get the attention of the targeted driver, which will signal the driver to pull over.

Used by undercover cops

Most police vehicles have the lights on top of the car. However, this is not the case for all police cars. Other police cars have LED lights in the car. These cars are mainly used by undercover cops, whose movement needs to be discreet. The light enables these cops to move without civilians quickly recognizing them.

The functions of these lights remain to ease the movement of the undercover cops when responding to an incident. The civilian discovers that the car belongs to police officers only during this period.

Used to alert other drivers about an accident ahead

Most people assume that police turn on the police lights while on the move, but it's not always the case. In some cases, police park the cars with lights on. They do this to signal both the drivers and pedestrians of an ongoing police service ahead, which may be an accident. The lights signal that civilians should slow down as they pass through.

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