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All auto accessories aren't for show. The truth is, some accessories that you can buy for your vehicle can help it perform better and make it a little safer. On this blog we will cover all sorts of accessories and what they can do for your vehicle. You will learn how to prioritize the accessories that you choose for your vehicle so that you get the ones that are worthy investments when on a tight budget. When you come to the end, you will have a great shopping list of things that you want for your vehicle to make it a little better.


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auto accessories with a purpose

Adding Security And Convenience To Your Car Or Truck

by Lucille Peters

Adding some features to your car or truck like keyless entry or remote starting when they did not include in the vehicle initially is not only possible; it can add some convenience for you and improve the safety and security of the vehicle. There are some things that you need to consider, and there are some features that your car needs to make these systems work in your vehicle.

Remote Starter Systems

A remote start installation is not overly complicated, but one of the requirements for a remote start system is that you have a car or truck with an automatic transmission in it. The vehicle transmission needs to be in park for the starter to work, and since there is no way to engage the clutch on a manual transmission car when you are not in it, you can not remotely start it. The remote start installation allows the owner to push one button and start the car before they get into it, and since the doors remain locked and the streaming wheel is still locked, it is difficult for anyone to take the car even though it is running. The advantage is that the car can run and warm up so that when you get in, the heat is already warm, or the air conditioning is already cool. 

Keyless Entry Systems

Many new cars leave the factory with keyless entry now, but if the vehicle never had keyless entry, adding it is possible. The keyless entry installation includes the parts needed to unlock the door before you get to the car or lock those doors after walking away from the vehicle. Installing these systems on cars that already have electric locks is easiest, but even cars that use a manual lock on the doors can be fitted with a solenoid inside the door that is connected to the lock linkage and will lock and unlock the door when needed. Because not all cars use the same linkage inside the door, the kit needs to be selected to work with your car or truck's make and model for it to work correctly. 

When the keyless entry installation is done correctly, it can add the ability for the driver to open the car as they approach it and get right into the car, then lock the doors. The system typically comes with a keyfob, so activating the locks is simple, and in an emergency, you can get in and lock your doors from the fob, keeping you safe and the car secure. 

Unlocking the door with a key can make life easier when you have an armload of groceries or other items, offering convenience as well as security for you and your car. Learn more about remote start installation from a service like https://sunvalleystereo.com/ today.