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auto accessories with a purpose

3 Tips For Designing Effective Car Magnets

by Lucille Peters

If you have a business and you want to increase your advertising, one effective way to increase your advertising is by putting a car magnet on your vehicle. A car magnet is a great one-time investment that will provide you with numerous advertising opportunities. For your advertisement to be effective, you need to put some thought and care into the design.

Think Simple

As you start the design process, think simple. People are going to be looking at your car magnet not only when your car is parked, but when you are driving down the road. You want to keep the design simple so that someone can take in the message even if they only have a few seconds to do so. If you overcrowd the space on the car magnet, the effectiveness of the message is going to be lost.

Instead, stick to a simple design that conveys your business's name and a way to get in contact with your business. This could be via a phone number or a website. If it's not obvious from your name what your business is about, use graphics to convey what your business is about or add a little blurb that lists a few of your services. Try to keep things as simple as possible, while also letting potential customers know the name of your business, what your business sells or provides, and how to get in touch with your business.

Get Colorful

Next, you are going to want to get colorful. Your car magnet has to be colorful enough to catch people's eyes as they drive past your vehicle. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression, so you want to make sure that it's a great one.

Use bright and readable colors for the fonts on your car magnet. Make sure that it is easy to read your car magnet's colors from a distance, and make sure that the colors on the car magnet match with your vehicle's paint job.

Also, keep in mind the power of a great graphic. For example, a graphic of a baseball bat, soccer ball, and football helmet can easily convey that your business is about sports. Graphics can do a lot of talking for you without taking up that make space or cluttering things up.

Go Big

Finally, make sure that you go big with your car graphic. Do not go with a tiny car magnet. Go with as large a magnet as you can for your space. You are going to want to keep things big so that they are easy to read. 

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