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auto accessories with a purpose

What A Customized Tarp System Can Do: Alternatives To Single Flatbed Use

by Lucille Peters

Most truck and fleet owners who invest in rolling tarp systems do so as an alternative to entirely enclosed trailers. Typically, the tarp systems are designed for use with flatbed trailers. However, customized tarp systems can do much more than they were originally intended or designed to do. The following highlights some of the many alternative uses for customized rolling and sliding tarp systems.

Drop Deck Tarp System

You are probably wondering how a rolling/sliding tarp system could even work with a drop deck trailer. The way this customized option works is really quite seamless. The interior frame supports present with rolling casters that fit right into a set of tracks on the upper deck of a drop deck trailer. When you open the tarp and roll it toward the back of the trailer, these casters roll out of the upper deck's tracks but remain suspended and in position because of the way the support system is designed.

Likewise, when you roll the tarp along the lower deck's tracks, the casters slip out and underneath the upper deck, suspended in air and held there by the frame, the upper deck's tracks and the upper deck's casters. It does not slip down, drop down or require two separate tarps. When the system is fully closed, you cannot tell that the trailer is a drop deck at all.

Rolling Tarps as Carports

Rolling tarp technology can also be used as vehicle protection. The custom carports using this system are somewhat boxy, but the protection against the elements is just as effective as if you had placed your passenger car or passenger truck onto a flatbed with a rolling tarp system. The tracks on which the system's casters attach, roll and lock need to be installed on the ground surface or cement surface (preferably, so that dirt and debris does not block the track system). Then the tarps can open and close to cover and reveal your vehicle according to the weather and your personal preferences.

Signature, Trademarked Colors on Your Tarps

So, you want the tarp systems but you want to corner the market on a certain color or color scheme? You can have it both ways. The companies that produce these systems can create your custom tarp colors and/or patterns. You will have to trademark the tarps' colors and/or designs yourself, but then if you provide the trademark paperwork to the tarp manufacturer, they can make sure no one else requests or receives tarps that look anything like yours.

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