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auto accessories with a purpose

Truck Bed Liner Choices To Consider

by Lucille Peters

If you have just purchased a pickup truck, you will most likely enjoy being able to haul items with ease in the back portion. Protecting your truck's bed becomes necessary if you intend to use it for this purpose. Here are some of the options available in pickup truck bed protection so it lasts without premature damage from scratches or dents when transporting items inside.

Spray, Brush And Roll-On Bed Liners

Adding a foam-based bed liner can be done on your own in the comfort of your driveway. This material adds a soft, cushioned surface to the truck's metal. Foam bed lining material can be purchased at an automotive parts store. It is applied with a roller, paintbrush, or sprayer just as you would with paint. This is a permanent bed liner solution once it is applied, making it necessary to make sure the color is what you desire your end-product to keep after application. Unlike other options, this type of lining material will not alter the shape of your interior bed. Each curve will remain intact with a layer of rust-proof, and scratch-resistant protection.

Professionally Installed Drop-In Liners

A drop-in liner is an option people will use when they wish to forego the application on their own. This is a professionally installed plastic insert that fits into your truck bed perfectly. This type of liner will alter the original look of the metal as it is a thick piece that will cover some of the existing contoured portions of the bed style. It is bolted into place so there is no worry of it shifting while driving. The smooth surface of a drop in liner makes it easy to push items into and out of the truck bed, so it is a wise choice for those who intend on hauling heavy items often. Make sure the service installing a drop-in liner dries the interior of the bed before placing it, as any moisture will be trapped underneath, causing rusting as a result.

Rubber Or Polypropylene Bed Mats

A bed mat can be bought to put inside a truck bed when needed. This selection is great for those who do not wish to permanently alter the interior of the truck bed as the mat can be rolled up and removed whenever you wish. It will offer a surface that will not be penetrated by liquid or rough-edged materials. This type of covering however will not protect the interior sides of the bed, and will only offer protection for the floor of the bed. To make up for this, place cushioning around items you are hauling so there is less risk of scratching the interior walls.

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