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auto accessories with a purpose

Selecting Protection For Your Truck Bed

by Lucille Peters

If you have a pickup truck, and you plan on using it to haul items in the bed, you will want to make sure to protect the metal from rusting and scraping that happens with routine wear and tear as you place items inside and take them back out. Using a truck bed liner is one way to give your truck bed cushioning between items you are hauling and the metal of your bed. Here are some of the types of truck liners available to help you choose which would be the best for your specific use.

Spray Or Roll On Liner

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to cover the interior of your truck bed, consider using a spray-on or roll-on liner. These are easily applied on your own either by using a spray can much like spray paint, or by adhering the material to the metal with the use of a roller or paintbrush. After the material dries, it offers protection that does not change the structural appearance of your bed. Every contour is still intact, only with a coating in place to save your bed from scratches, rust and erosion. You also have the option in using a tinted liner if you wish to give your truck a unique appearance.

Drop-In Liner

For a professional-grade liner, consider bringing your vehicle to a lining service to have a drop-in liner placed in the bed. This is made from a heavy-duty plastic that is bolted into your truck's bed, giving you the advantage of no chance the liner will separate from your truck bed while you make hauls. Many people opt to have these professionally placed, as the service will dry your vehicle completely so there is no moisture present in the bed that could cause rusting underneath. The result is a smooth surface that allows items to easily slide in and out of the truck when loading or unloading.

Truck Bed Mats

If you wish to have a less permanent option, placing a bed mat in your truck can give it ample protection while hauling without the need for it to stay in place. You can easily move the mat in and out of the truck when you need to clean the bed, and you can store it away from the truck so you do not alter the truck's appearance at all. Polypropylene or rubber are the main bed mat choices available on the market, and both work well at repelling scratches from occurring. The downside is they do not offer protection to the sides of your truck bed.

You can find truck liners easily at stores that sell auto accessories, like The Hitch House. If you are still unsure of what type of truck liner would be best for your truck, don't hesitate to talk to a sale's associate.